About Me

Hello, friends! Welcome to Fiddle Leaf Blog!

I’m Ana – A southern California girl who loves all things farmhouse, DIY, rustic, and vintage.  Give me ALL THE CHIPPY THINGS! (Am I right!?) I have gotten myself into so many DIY projects in our new home (we moved in April 2017), that I thought what better way to share these easy (or sometimes not as easy as I’d hoped) projects with you all?

So enter, Fiddle Leaf Blog!  I first started sharing my love for home decor through my instagram account – @fiddleleafinteriors.  But, a blog is a much more efficient way to share the nitty gritty details of a project with you, so here I am.  I hope you enjoy our ever-evolving home as much as well do, and that you’ll get a little bit of inspiration to take on a project or two in your own home.  My ultimate goal is not only to share my love for home decor and all things DIY, but to help inspire YOU to tackle some of these projects, too.  Afterall, when you put your own blood (okay, I hope not, but sometimes it happens!), sweat, and tears into a project, you really do love and appreciate it that much more!

Just a quick example – we renovated our ENTIRE kitchen in May 2018 – cabinets, counters, backsplash, doors, electrical, sink, plumbing fixtures, hardware – DIY style.  And by DIY style I mean we did absolutely everything ourselves.  In six weeks.  While working full time jobs. It was incredibly exhausting, and sometimes trying on (but ultimately strengthening) our relationship.  But because we did it ourselves, and poured our blood (yup, many scrapes and cuts), sweat, and even tears into this project, we love and appreciate it SO much more.  Same goes for our DIY shiplap, faux brick fireplace, and the list goes on and on!

So, long story short, I hope you can take some of these DIY projects I’m sharing here and make them your own.  I promise you’ll be glad you did! AND, if you do, please share them with me! I just love connecting with people in this little online home decor community, and I am just as inspired by ya’ll as I hope you are by me!  AND – If y’all ever want to see a specific project that I haven’t put up here, just let me know!

Sending you love and light (and some gumption to bust out that inner DIYer I know you are because YES! You CAN use power tools – no need to wait for your hubby to help you)!



(P.S. On a non-home decor related note – I have the best fur baby in the whole world named Napa (yes, I also love wine)! She will often make cameo appearances here! My husband jokes I love her more than him – but that’s totally (sort of) not true!